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Make Your Virtual Event Sponsor Work For You in 4 Simple Steps

Sponsors’ engagement is vital for a certain kind of events and their outcome. However, how should you engage with them when the event is virtual?

Sponsors expect to maximise their Return Of Investment, even on virtual event formats. Based on the research “Sponsoring events during the Covid Crisis” by Aim Group International, 78% of sponsors affirmed they are ready to invest on virtual events, preferring those that are more interactive, 3D and in augmented reality, with the possibility to data capture.

Still, businesses may not be ready to take on board this kind of sponsorship opportunities. They may not even be familiar with online events, besides being reluctant to invest during a pandemic and want to do that only with concrete advantages.

Even organisers may still be unsure how to approach and maximise sponsorship collaboration for their virtual events and online presence.

This article gives some examples of how a sponsor can get involved in a virtual event.


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in the UK that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

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Participants’ engagement

Just like meeting in-person, sponsors expect to interact with participants during an online event. If the interaction happens at an exhibition stand during a live event, there are many virtual solutions. We are talking about virtual stands that can be created in different ways based on the chosen platform and technology.

For example, a chat room is one of the most straightforward solutions, or even better, holding videoconferences for sponsors to contact and be seen by participants. Sponsors can also promote gamification or have their session.


Visibility and Call To Action

Virtual Event Sponsors look for visibility, of course. That means their brand should be seen in the “right places”, just like a face-to-face event. There are different solutions for that to happen, and this depends on the chosen technology: from banners to virtual videowalls, if using 3D, for example, to name a few.

Let’s focus on the benefit of a Call To Action, which means stimulating attendees to do something to achieve the sponsors’ goals. Let’s make a simple example. Suppose the sponsor’s objective is participants downloading a brochure. In that case, a banner can support the plan with ad hoc micro texts, from the generic “Find out more” to something more engaging such as “Do you know the advantages of a life insurance yet? Read to find out why you can’t do without it”. The downloadable information can be of all kinds, from text to infographics, video interviews, clients’ feedback, and so much more, in addition to “rewarding” those that respond to the CTA.


Before, during and after the event

One of the most exciting parts of virtual events is offering content even after it’s finished.

And even before the event, short meetings keep participants engaged, disclosing some information about the event. Even the sponsor itself may organise these previews. They will have the opportunity to talk about them, their activity and products or even – highly recommended – offering in-depth content, experts talks and so on, working on brand awareness and prestige.


The importance of data

Sponsors need data. We saw that in Aim International’s survey too. What does that mean? A virtual event allows to capture participants’ data and analyse their behaviours. Among virtual events’ performance indicators, we have attendance numbers and much more, just as in-person events.

Other indicators are attendees’ interaction (how many engaged with the chat room, contacted exhibitors, etc.), what actions did they take (questions, comments), level of interaction with speakers, at what time did they leave and much more.


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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of event staffing and event marketing in one place.
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