Translators and interpreters in over 20 different languages

We provide translators and interpreters to clients asking for language translation services at events such as international product launches, multilingual corporate conferences, medical congresses, financial conventions, exhibitions and trade show presentations. We offer personnel with capabilities in over 20 different languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and Italian, to name a few.

Translators & interpreters staffing

Conference interpreting is the most requested service. We offer a wide range of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters to suit any event and conference size in the UK and worldwide.

When the requirement concerns face-to-face interpreting, there are two options to choose from:

Simultaneous interpreting

This is the most popular choice for big events and the most essential when a real-time translation is needed for the audience at the conference.

Consecutive interpreting

This is ideal for smaller conversations, such as one-to-one meetings or intimate networking events at the conference.

Rox Event Staff Ltd. offers simultaneous interpreters for events of any size, language, and industry, attracting international interest to your event.

Our assistance

Based on the size of your event and the number of foreign languages you need assistance with, we can determine our simultaneous interpretation process. We normally recommend at least two translators per language, taking turns during the event to make sure they are working to the best of their abilities at all times.

Simultaneous interpreters

Simultaneous interpreters normally work in individual soundproof cabins at the back of the conference, facing the speaker on stage. They listen through headphones and translate what they hear into a microphone. The translation is transmitted instantaneously into the headphones of conference attendees who don’t understand the language of the speaker. This kind of translation is unnoticeable and discreet, although highly technical. Conference centres need to be equipped with high-tech appliances in order to make the interpreter's job possible and efficient.

Our experience

We have a great track record in providing interpreters and translators at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, medical congresses, financial events and other corporate meetings on an international scale, ranging from smaller to larger events.

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