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In today’s globalised world, events such as charity balls, gala dinners, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events, medical conferences, financial congresses and product launches are increasingly becoming more and more international. Normally, English is the chosen language to speak with guests and visitors, however most of the time this doesn’t allow you to reach all the potential audience you could possibly get.

Our multilingual staff aproach

Some companies are beginning to notice the importance of talking to customers in their own mother tongue and some others understand the importance of adding a special je ne sais quoi to their event.

We specialise in offering our multinational clients a large selection of multilingual staff that can welcome and communicate with guests in their own languages as well as in English.

We can supply experienced staff with native linguistic capabilities in over 20 different languages in addition to English, including Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese, to name a few.

We provide friendly and approachable receptionists to meet, greet and register guests at events. All our reception staff are fresh-faced, eloquent, and extremely organised.
We regularly supply Multilingual Staff to our clients for international conferences, trade shows, product launches and corporate events.
Most of our event staff are fluent in at least one second language, if not three or more! Chinese, Spanish and Italian are becoming increasingly popular in events, among other languages.

We provide beautifully staffed events for all sectors worldwide

Our multilingual hosts and hostesses

Create a multicultural environment at your event, expanding your business and presenting your products skipping cultural and linguistic barriers and make sure speakers of all language understand your message, especially when it is a complex concept. Our multilingual hosts and hostesses can study your company’s values and concept to share it in detail to audiences from around the world, ensuring your clients never feel “left out”.

Multilingual staff can converse with multilingual audiences, making your event run more smoothly and giving out a clear message that speakers of every language can understand. After all, we can’t expect all your guests to be multilingual.

Everyone will feel represented and well taken care of. Most companies are based in one country, however they might have representatives all around the world and clients worldwide or, to make it simpler, even multicultural workers in their offices. Imagine how successful your event could be if the trilingual hostess you hired could speak not only your language, but also your boss’ and your client’s.

Connect your audience to your sellers, especially when your events are taking place in different countries and your guests are of different nationalities, with our expert multilingual hosts and hostesses in the UK and worldwide, capturing more potential customers.


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