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How to Overcome the Crisis with Covid-19 Trained Event Staff: 3 SPECIAL OFFERS!

Raise your hand if your company hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Or if your company is not facing challenges due to these particular historical times. No one? That’s what we thought.

However, Covid-19 can’t be the reason to stop communicating with your customers. During challenging times, it’s even more important to have empathy with your audience, through human interaction and sensitive marketing, both will create affinity with your clients (bearing in mind social distancing and safety measures.) That’s why all our 2,000 Event Staff is now Covid-19 trained. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Everyone is now in extreme need of human interactions, smiles and empathy

Events, conferences and trade shows are starting in October for the UK. Technology sometimes makes you feel even farther away. The role of event hosts and event hostesses, brand ambassadors, promoters, models, interpreters and other event staff is even more critical during Covid-19. Everyone is now in extreme need of human interactions, smiles and empathy.

People want to talk to people. This need is real on both a personal level as much as professionally, with brands and consumers, creating that relationship that makes your clients feeling closer to you. Then, what’s better than organising marketing campaigns, in-store promotions, plan UK events from October, trade shows or conferences?

event staff, event hostesses, event marketing, hostess, event host

Do you want your company to get out of the 2020 crisis?

You sure do. Promotional campaigns have always been a fundamental element in marketing, not only for B2C but also for B2B. Get closer to your target audience, promote your products, create relationships, make your clients aware of your brand.

Smiles, positive looks, human interaction are vital ingredients to create empathy between brands and consumers, and this is what Rox Event Staff has to offer.

It’s true; many events are now virtual. UK face-to-face events are coming back in October. Besides, not everyone is comfortable using technology and virtual tools. If you think about Amazon, it can offer more than 80 different models of stools. What shop can sell so many different models of the same product? None. But they can all let their customers try and touch the product before they buy it. That’s why face-to-face events will never fade away; they simply can’t!

The leading CRM service, SalesForce, held a study that demonstrated that 87% of clients prefer buying face-to-face. And do you remember the blog article we talked about virtual vs face-to-face? It came our 72% of event attendees prefer in-person events. How about that?

Undoubtedly, buying behaviours changed a lot this year, and many people are now buying online. But the percentage of online buying compared to regular shopping are always lower.

We are human; we need to interact, ask and verify the quality of the answers to our questions when buying. That’s why event hosts, event hostesses, brand ambassadors and other event staff personnel are fundamental when it comes to marketing and promotion. They are the image of your brand, carefully trained and selected to represent your company the best way!

event staff, event hostesses, event marketing, hostess, event host


Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFERS 


“2 HOSTS/HOSTESSES FOR THE PRICE OF 1” – Corporate Events, Promotional Campaigns, Event Marketing

Do you want to be noticed among your competitors, creating the best brand awareness? Get in touch with Rox Event Staff, taking advantage of our special offer “2 hosts/hostesses for the price of 1”. If you book for 2 event hosts or event hostesses, we won’t charge you any agency fee on the second host/hostess.

Not enough?

Certified Covid-19 Event Staff’s training is included

All our event staff is certified with Covid-19 training, so they can all go back to what they do brilliantly, keeping themselves, our clients and event attendees safe from Covid-19 associated risks. Also, we provide them with PPE such as hand sanitiser, face masks and surface disinfectant wipes.

Still not enough?

Event Marketing is included too, at no additional cost!*

Thanks to our partnership with Fuzzy Marketing Agency, you will have access to:

  • content creation with CTA and engagement strategies (Ebook, Video, Post, Storytelling, Expert Content Creators)
  • PPC ads
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • reports (ROI and other KPIs)

There are no excuses. Thanks to our expertise in events and marketing, we can organise an ad-hoc offer based on your requirements. We specialise in corporate events such as exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and marketing campaigns, event graphic design, promotions and event marketing in the UK, Europe, Moscow and Dubai, with the best local event staff, carefully selected through our thorough interview process.

*for bookings starting from £500

Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in the UK that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

We operate nationwide across the UK with over 2,000 dynamic COVID-19 trained event staff on our growing roster. We have dedicated account management, event marketers, staff’s right-to-work checks, training and skills tests on all workers, taking care of payroll too.

We are leaving you free to focus on your business!



Hire Staff for Events

All our Event Staff is expert and trained in welcoming, promoting, entertaining and speaking multiple languages at all kinds of events.

For more information on event hosts, event hostesses, brand ambassadors, event manager, exhibition staff, promotional staff, promotional models and event staffing:


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