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Virtual Events: the 7 Best Achievable Storytellings

This year gave us quite a few challenges. We noticed that even the simplest things could become problematic for several reasons. One of these is to keep going using fewer resources and having more difficulties. Another challenge is facing new professional tasks. However, even during such difficult times, we should not forget that “details” make the difference.

For example, a detail that could make a difference is the virtual event’s images. We need them for social media, the event’s website, printed material, etc. However, capturing the right pictures is not that easy when working remotely. Even for a hybrid event, no matter how technological, how can you create that level of engagement?

It’s not easy, so we hope you will find this article useful.

First of all: rely on professionals whenever you can. If you didn’t think about entrusting your visual communication to a graphic designer yet, right now is the right time! A graphic designer can help in many situations. For example, in creating the perfect branding (if you don’t have one yet) or even reinventing it, making your online presence even more efficient (newsletter, website, media, social, etc.)


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in the UK that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

 All our Event Staff took the mass gathering course by WHO, which is now mandatory for them to work with us.




The Right Images for Virtual Events: a Few Ideas

Here’s what you can do to launch and promote your virtual event, and even some storytelling ideas to use during the event itself.

  • Use past editions images: if your event didn’t go virtual for the first time, you could use past editions images. Show how it developed to give a better idea of what and how you want to share its message. You could even use past F2F editions images.
  • Talk about the company: you can use your company’s or your client’s pictures: the head office, the employees, the business activities and all material available in the file archives.
  • Show a behind-the-scene: showing a virtual event’s or company’s behind-the-scene is another way of presenting your business and getting closer to people that don’t know about it yet.
  • Introduce speakers in advance: make some short video clips, explaining what speakers will talk about during their speeches. It will increase your event’s value and, especially if speakers are well known already, it will become social media material for them to promote themselves and, consequently, promoting your business too.
  • Fotografate i materiali cartacei: potete usare i materiali cartacei per farli diventare immagini che attirano l’attenzione. Per esempio pensate a fotografare l’invito, il programma e tutto ciò che riguarda l’evento. Anche se i partecipanti avranno già visto i file nelle loro caselle email, vedere le foto dei documenti stampati e posizionati sulla vostra scrivania o in un altro contesto, renderà più “reale” il tutto.
  • Ask extra images to your speakers: involve them in the creation of your event. With the right directions, you can ask them to send you some pictures that represent their speech. Using the same event format and changing only the speaker’s image, you will have something interesting to share with your attendees.
  • Talk about the event’s new usage: for example, photographing someone from behind, looking at your event. You can also use graphic design to personalise the screen with your company’s logo or brand.

What challenges are you facing to promote your virtual event? Let us know in the comments below. Our community may be able to help with some free suggestions.


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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.
We operate nationwide across the UK with over 2,000 dynamic COVID-19 trained events staff on our growing roster. We have dedicated account management, event marketers, staff’s right-to-work checks, training and skills tests on all workers, taking care of payroll too.


Get in touch to let us know your requirements. We will let you know how we can make that happen.

 planning an event, planning, event staff, rox event staff,social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event

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