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LinkedIn Events’ Powerful Boom: 3 Essential Things to Know

We all know it as The Business Social Media, which allows you to network with professionals, building up your branding ...
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The 2 Biggest News on Remote Meetings: Facebook Messenger Room and Google Meet

In times of regular remote meetings, long-distance projects, virtual conferences, created even to share some doubts that we would have ...
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4 Astonishing Social Media: the Latest News for #EventProfs

We already know how this past summer has been different. But it has also been full of news in the ...
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Second Wave Covid-19 Epidemic: How Events Can Get Ready

The news in the past few weeks have not been as comforting as we hoped. Covid-19 infection rates are rising ...
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Frustrated To Find A Job During Coronavirus? Tips That Work 99%

Here some tips to find jobs during Coronavirus. Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, it impacted everyone. Schools, communities, individuals and ...
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Have You Ever Used Video Messages On TELEGRAM To Invite People To Your Event?

What's better than videos to deliver a brief but pleasant and memorable message, that will make people interested and engaged ...
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Dear City of London, You OUTRAGED Us Once Again.

It’s that time of the year that we realise we don’t have the right clothes for this humidity and cold ...
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2 Incredibly Simple Ways of Creating a Virtual Event on Zoom

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a platform for online meetings, video calls and webinars. With Zoom it’s possible to make many things ...
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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: 29th Sept #WeMakeEvents Peaceful Protest – Rox Event Staff

Today 29th September 2020, as the event industry is not allowed to trade until Spring 2021 due to the Covid-19 ...
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Extraordinary Books About Event Planning to Read By 2021

The event industry is continuously evolving, especially this year, due to the pandemic. Therefore, event professionals should continually update their ...
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HEAR HEAR! The Top 5 Most Terrible Mistakes To Avoid When Organising An Event

The event you are planning is finally coming. With your team, you are happy to yet open the doors and ...
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The 10 Skills To Find Outstanding Event Staff

Event staff are multiskilled professionals, highly adaptable and with excellent communication skills. The below job positions in the event industry ...
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The Lazy Event Organisers’ 3 Ways to Knowing What An Hybrid Event Is And How It Works

As we all know, the event and meeting industry changed profoundly due to the Covid-19 emergency. Many keywords not commonly ...
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How to Guarantee Safety At Events During Covid-19 Times with Event Staff and more!

Events in the UK will retake place in October. Other countries started already, not all together, not all at the ...
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How Rox Event Staff Is Working From Home In 1016 Hopeful Words

The UK and a good portion of the world are facing the global pandemic among many doubts and concerns. How ...
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4 Things Your Company Can Do To Overcome The Crisis

If this article caught your attention, you probably have a small company that was heavily challenged by the economic crisis ...
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How to Overcome the Crisis with Covid-19 Trained Event Staff: 3 SPECIAL OFFERS!

Raise your hand if your company hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Or if your company is not facing challenges ...
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Is Event Feedback Worthless? (+3 Templates)

It's always nice to get feedback from your guests. But will you remember everything they said? And will people be ...
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How Our Clients Promote an Event on Social Media to Reach Their Target Audience (+ TEMPLATE)

If you are asking yourself how to promote an event on social media, you are not alone. The good news ...
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Get Rid of Unsuccessful Event Business Plans Once and For All (+ CHECKLIST)

An event business plan is a useful document to help you focus your efforts as an event organiser. Nevertheless, it’s ...
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What Is Your Event Target Audience And Why Should You Care? 7 Brilliant Ways to Identify It!

Why should you identify your event target audience? Can’t you simply let everyone know about your event? Of course, you ...
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10 Commandments to Promote an Event on LinkedIn that Work (+ INVITATION TEMPLATES with 50% Acceptance Rate!)

 Did you ever ask yourself how to promote an event on Linkedin? Do you use this social media at all? ...
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10 Step Event Sponsorship CHECKLIST for a Successful Proposal

When planning an event, money is essential. You know it, and we know it, and businesses know it too - ...
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16 Brand Awareness Secrets for Successful Events

Finally, events in England will start again on the 1st of October 2020. Therefore it’s fundamental for you to get ...
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FREE TEMPLATE Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Events Use this Free Risk Assessment Template to Identify and Reduce COVID-19 Associated Risks at your Next Event England has ...
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BREAKING! Our Event Staff is Ready: England’s Events Start on 1 October! 8 Gov’s Guidelines

England's Events Will Be Permitted Again Starting on 1 October 2020. Our COVID-19 Trained Event Staff can't wait! Boris Johnson's ...
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99% of Exhibitors Find Trade Shows Give Outstanding ROI, Like No Other Marketing Tools trade show, covid-19 trained event staff, trade show in London, London trade show,

Why 99% of Exhibitors Find Trade Shows Outstanding Marketing Tools, Like No Other

London Trade Shows, Why Exhibiting is Essential, How to Get Ready and Be Noticed Among Your Competitors. Exhibiting at B2B ...
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A Captivating Insight into Our COVID-19 Event Staff Training

Covid-19 trained event staff to work at events. We are busy preparing to bounce back to work post lockdown, and ...
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The COVID-19 Plan We Shared with Our +2k Amazing Event Staff

Staff’s motivation and wellbeing: this is not something to take lightly in any industry. Here we share how we take ...
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Why our Sensational 2,423 Event Hosts and Event Hostesses ARE NOT JUST PRETTY FACES

Event Hosts and Event Hostesses. Let's shed a bit of light on this topic. You planned your event to be ...
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Hiring Event Staff: 3 Precious Tips to Find your A-Team

3 Precious Tips for Hiring Event Staff. If you enjoy complicating your life, try organising a whole event by yourself ...
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5 Strategies to Cut Event Costs for a Successful Event, without Sacrificing Quality! (+EVENT BUDGET TEMPLATE)

Do you organise or attend events? Don’t cut event costs sacrificing quality. For a successful event, it is vital paying ...
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The 5 Best Event Blogs We Enjoy Reading and Why

The 5 Best Event Blogs in the Meeting Industry for Event Professionals and Why We Like Them We read lots ...
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70% of Event Attendees Prefer In-Person Meetings over Virtual Events

WHAT ATTENDEES WANT What 1008 VIRTUAL EVENT vs IN-PERSON ATTENDEES WANT: an Overwhelming Result we did not expect! We've all ...
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Events and Meetings Mighty Comeback: What’s the Current Situation?

Can the meeting industry finally make its comeback? Compared to a month ago the situation surely improved, in fact in ...
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The Best 54 Hashtags in the Event Industry in 2020

What are the Most Popular Hashtags for Events? The event industry moved entirely online, and in the past four months, ...
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How to BE PRODUCTIVE Working From Home in 2020! Strategies + Routines to WORK FROM HOME Effectively with the right mindset work from home remotely

How to BE PRODUCTIVE Working from Home in 2020!

Strategies + Routines to WORK FROM HOME Effectively The whole world just got pushed into working from home due to ...
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5 Skills to Learn from COVID-19

5 Skills Every Business Leader and Event Professional (and anyone else) should Learn from COVID-19 That's right. Although COVID-19 is ...
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Event, when, how, event industry, meetingHow and When Meetings and the Event Industry Will Be Back: with 3 Simple Shocking Skills

How and When the Event Industry Will Be Back

How and When the Event & Meeting Industry will recover without a clear plan?  Will we go back to normal ...
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4 Steps to Hire Outstanding Event Staff like a Pro!

4 Steps to Hire Outstanding Event Staff like a Pro!

How to hire Oustanding Event Staff like a Pro! If you're a brand owner then your brand surely feels like ...
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Mass Gatherings and Outdoor Events: the WHO issues New Guidelines

The World Health Organisation published New Guidelines for Mass Gatherings and Outdoor Events. Around the world, some countries are already ...
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4 formats of successful virtual events and online meetings

How can you plan a successful virtual event? Here are guidelines to help you get some ideas. Organising an online ...
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Engagement Postponed Events Hybrid

How to keep up Engagement for Postponed Events in 4 simple steps.

How should we deal with postponed events? In this article we analyse how to keep up postponed events participants’ engagement, ...
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Mindfulness for Event Professionals during (but not limited to) Covid-19

Mindfulness for #EventProfs during (but not limited to) Covid-19. What would you say if tomorrow morning we would invite you ...
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How do Events look like after Covid-19?

Every event professional (and many others) wants to know how the Event Industry will look like after quarantine restrictions are ...
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Virtual Meetings: 53 Fantastic Tools, Ideas, Tips and where to find them

Virtual Meetings: 53 Fantastic Tools, Ideas, Tips and where to find them. Virtual meetings are now becoming very popular in ...
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How the Event Industry is helping Hospitals during the epidemic

Event Industry: 4k beds at London Excel to fight COVID-19 and many other venues turned into makeshift hospitals to help ...
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Event Hosts

Event Hosts and how they can Help you Achieve your Event Goals

Do I need a hostess at my event? Many exhibitors and event organisers, once they are approaching the event date, ...
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Corona Virus COVID-19

How the COVID-19 virus is challenging the events industry

How the COVID-19 virus is challenging the events industry There are simply so many articles being published by the minute ...
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Conference London

Conference Rooms in London: How to choose the right one

Some tips on how to choose the right London conference rooms Are you searching for London Conference rooms? For a ...
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How to have a successful event and trade show in 10 simple steps

How to succeed at events and trade shows in 10 simple steps for all exhibitors When attending an exhibition you ...
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