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Is Event Feedback Worthless? (+3 Templates)

It’s always nice to get feedback from your guests. But will you remember everything they said? And will people be entirely honest, talking to you face to face? Using an event feedback form is the easiest method to capture the information you need.


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What’s the purpose of an event feedback form?

An event feedback form allows you to capture your guests’ thoughts and knowing what, in their opinion, was right and what wasn’t. The information you will receive will help you better planning your next event and making sure your guests will go home extremely satisfied.

An event feedback form can have questions about:

  • Venue
  • Entertainment
  • Food&Beverage
  • Security
  • Audio&Visual
  • Atmosphere
  • Ease in buying tickets
  • Entrance and exit at the venue
  • Toilets
  • Organisation
  • Event Staff
  • General Feedback
  • …and so on.

There are no generic solutions when talking about feedback. You will have to personalise your template based on your event, asking relevant questions.

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How should this event feedback form look?

There are many ways to ask your guests how to answer to your event feedback form. People don’t usually like to fill forms and write comments. You should make it as easy as possible. It’s better to use multiple-choice options instead of open questions.

You can ask your guests to write their name on their event feedback form or leave it anonymous. Bear in mind asking your guests’ contact details is the god way of capturing their email, an excellent event marketing tool.

Rating Scale

You can use a rating scale. It’s a good option if you want to ask your guests to give a score to the venue, food, security, event staff, etcetera. It’s effective asking questions like: “How much are you satisfied with [something about the event]?”

Here an example where guests are required to give a score from 1 to 5 about various aspects of the event.


Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


Alternatively, you can use ratings from “not at all” to “definitely” or from “extremely unsatisfied” to “extremely unsatisfied”. That’s how they did it in the following event feedback form:


Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


If you are looking for generic feedback, this style is perfect. But it won’t help you to understand why, behind guests’ feedbacks.

Open questions

Open questions aim guests to leave comments. They can’t answer with a simple “yes” or “no”, and they are not suitable for the rating scale. Usually, they start with what, how, why, where or who.

Examples of open questions:

  • What’s the part of the event you most enjoyed?
  • If you could change the event lineup, how would you change it?
  • How long didi t take to go through security checks?


Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


If you want to use open questions, we recommend you to give a limited amount of characters in their answers. Of course, you want to know what your guests’ feedback, but you don’t want to read a novel. Open questions are great to receive excellent suggestions, but you have to keep in mind many people will skip them.

“Yes”/” no” questions.

“Yes,”/”no” questions are probably the easiest to answer. The person taking the event feedback form can tick on “yes” or “no” next to the question. These are usually direct questions concerning a specific part of the event.

Examples of “yes” and “no” questions:

  • Were you able to lavatories?
  • Did you like the show?
  • Was the food good?

Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


It will be quick to fill an event feedback form with only “Yes”/’no’ questions. However, you won’t have a detailed vision of your guests’ opinion.

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Write your event feedback form.

Of course, your event feedback form doesn’t have to use the same questions. Usually, it ends out in a mix of different kinds of questions.

The way you will organise your event feedback form will tell what kind of questions you can put. If you ask “Would you like to attend our next event” then it doesn’t make sense to put a rating scale.

When you ask your guests to give a score to various aspects of your event, make sure it’s clear how they can do that. If not, people will give up and won’t waste their time.

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What questions should I include in my event feedback form?

The exact questions to use will vary, based on the kind of event. Some generic questions could always include:

“How much are you satisfied with the event?”

You can out a generic score option or using subquestions about food, venue, registration, event staff, etc.

“What are the chances you will attend any of our future events?”

This question is an excellent way to have a rough idea of how many guests will come back to the future event. And that’s how you will find out if they left satisfied or not.

“Would you recommend our events to your colleagues/friends or family?”

Again, this is an excellent way to find out if the event went well.

“What did you enjoy most about the event?

It’s always lovely to read the answer to this question. It will make you feel great with all the things that went well.

“What did you enjoy less about our event?”

Even if this answer is more challenging to read, it will help you improve. Also, if everything went well, it’s always good knowing what guests enjoyed less.

“Do you have any suggestions on we can improve in the future”?

It will be likely to receive similar answers to other questions. It’s an excellent way to satisfy your guests’ expectations.

Remember your questions have to respect a format that will make sense for the evaluation. Don’t forget to leave enough room to open questions.

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How can I start?

Nobody expects you to be a design magician and creating the event feedback form from scratch. Online you will find millions of free tools that you can use for your event feedback survey. Here are some you should check.


1. Word and Excel Template


Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


Word and Excel templates have feedback forms that can be personalised. They are excellent for who’s familiar with Word. You can send these forms via email and ask your guests to fill them in and send them back.


2. Google Form


Event feedback, event feedback form, feedback form, event staff, survey


With Google Forms, you can design all kinds of surveys. It’s not free, but it’s easy to use and intuitive.


3. Survey Monkey

If your event is small – up to 100 guests – and you want to ask up to ten questions, you can use the free Survey Monkey version. If not, you can use the paid version, and ask all the questions you want.

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How can I make more and more people fill in my event feedback forms and surveys?

There are a couple of things that will help your guests to fill in your event feedback form and event survey.

1. Ask for feedback directly at the event

It’s always good to capture feedback early. Some organisers have event feedback forms ready to distribute to guests before they leave. You can print copies of your personalised feedback forms. Make sure you have pens and tables enough.

2. Use incentives to improve response rates.

People are more likely to do what we want if they get something in return. Use survey incentives to improve response rates. However, think about incentives that will give value to your guests. For example:

  • Discount on future events
  • Merchandise discount
  • Merchandise

Suggestion: If you want to dig deeper, check this detailed guide about survey incentives.


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

All this leaves you free to focus on your business!



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Are you ready to create your event feedback survey?

Once you understood how it works, creating and sending it will be a piece of cake. Use online free tools to start with, and ask your colleagues for suggestions on the questions you should include.

What challenges do you face when creating your event feedback form? Let us know in the comments below.

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