Brand Ambassadorship

Companies hire Brand Ambassadors to promote their products or services. Anyone new to this marketing strategy might be surprised by how this model can help their business grow, and having a Brand Ambassador is a large component of this strategy.

Rox Events Brand Ambassadors Increase brand awareness

Increased brand awareness

The brand may be just what everyone needs. However, nowadays we are surrounded by so many distractions that it is more challenging to be noticed. That is why our brand ambassadors, through their charm, can attract potential customers and make your product stand out from the competition.

Offer a specific image of the product

The brand ambassador should be chosen wisely among the promotional models we offer at Rox Event Staff. The secret is choosing a profile that can actually present your brand as interesting to your customer base. If your product is a protein snack bar, you will probably select a different profile from an auto product.

Rox Events Brand Ambassadors Increased public understanding of your product

Increased public understanding of your product

Our brand ambassadors will be briefed on your product and on any information you would like to share with the public. This may include distributing any literature or answering questions, if you like, or directing customers to where they can get more information.

Support in knowing a new brand

Buying from a new brand can be an uncomfortable experience for some people. A new habit needs to be created. Our promotional staff can help the situation by telling your potential customers about your brand and product, making them feel at ease.

Rox Event Staff Brand Ambassadors Experienced staff

Experienced staff

Our staff are outgoing, proactive and friendly. It is not enough to just look beautiful. All our promotional staff are experienced, having worked at dozens of events before joining us. Some of them even have hundreds of marketing campaigns behind them, being Brand Ambassadors full time! They all know how to create excitement and interest in our clients’ products, not just with their smiles but with their energy and enthusiasm too.

Feedback to the company

Our Brand Ambassadors can report feedback about how the product was perceived by the public, what the main selling points were and any opportunities for improvement. Rox Event Staff is proud to have supplied promotional staff for many household brands and promotional campaigns globally.

We provide beautifully staffed events for all sectors worldwide

Our work approach

We regularly assist companies with lead generation and data capture, pushing sales, distributing samples and raising brand awareness through product demonstrations, flyer distribution, sampling, graphic design, printing services and much more. Our work approach will make your product or service memorable to everyone who comes across it. We assist all company sizes, from start-ups to large firms, and make you stand out, striving to exceed your expectations.

Our promotional staff can be hired for exhibitions, trade shows, sporting events, PR stunts, conventions, festivals, promotional marketing campaigns and many others events.

We have promotional staff in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and all other major cities across the UK, Europe, UAE and USA, including: Monaco, Milan, Copenhagen, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Dubai.



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