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4 Astonishing Social Media: the Latest News for #EventProfs

We already know how this past summer has been different. But it has also been full of news in the social media world. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook tested various features which are very interesting for event professionals.

In this article, we will discuss which ones we believe are the most interesting ones for the event industry.

Let’s start with LinkedIn; we will then look at Twitter, Instagram and finally, Facebook.

Before reading, here’s a due clarification: we omitted TikTok. After all, it’s aimed at a very young audience, and it’s still not clear how useful it can be for the event industry.


social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event

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LinkedIn: virtual event polls and optimisation

Even the most well known social media for professionals has some new summer features. The first one goes back to May, but we include it in the hot season, being particularly interesting for meeting planners.

LinkedIn allows you to create polls. You only need to go on your profile and click on “create a poll” – you can even do that from an admin page – write the question text up to 140 characters, insert the answers options, from 2 to 4 (max 30 characters) and for how long the poll stays active.

You can share it in a post explaining the reason behind the poll and when/if you will share the results, you can include the 54 best hashtags in the event industry to help people interested in what you have to offer to find you. Results will be visible straight away!

For events, creating polls can be very interesting: you can test waters with your audience, understand what they are most excited about, have feedback on the event and much more.

Talking about events, LinkedIn is a great platform to promote them. It gave birth to “virtual events” considering how these are growing exponentially. On LinkedIn Events, pages can create their event and stream it live on the event page.

What does that mean? It means that verified business pages with at least 1,000 followers can hold live-streaming events directly on their LinkedIn page. This new feature combines the event itself with a sort of online booking with access to live streaming, users interaction and comments. Both the event and business page can stream the event. This feature allows a much more direct approach with your followers which, every time you create an event, will receive a notification.


social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event


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Twitter: between Fleet, “limited” conversations and against copy and paste

Yes, it’s true, it’s a social media most used in other countries outside the UK. However, Twitter is unbeatable for live event storytelling, be that face-to-face or virtual. Aiming to live-tweeting, choosing the most appropriate disseminators (on Twitter is better not calling them influencers) and using the most original hashtags are still the best ways to share your event content and “make it last”.

That said, the first news that we will talk about is precisely about tweets. Before for any tweet, we would write, we could receive an answer from anyone that saw it. Now it’s possible to choose who can comment or who can’t. In a few words, when you write a tweet, you can choose if:

  • anyone can answer your tweet
  • only those that follow you can answer your tweet
  • only those that you mentioned in your tweet can answer

Why is this change significant for event professionals? When live-tweeting, if you choose the second two options above (only users that follow you or that you mentioned in your tweet can answer to it) the conversation is minimal as much as the possibility to spread your event content as much as possible. True, the tweet is visible and can be retweeted or liked, we know very well that, in terms of personal branding and online event reputation, it’s fundamental not to limit online interactions and conversations which are the pillars of Twitter.

Content is again part of the second news we want to share about Twitter: this social platform said no to copy and paste tweets, which includes all those that are identical and that go around the web with no source mentioned. When content is similar to others, Twitter will limit its visibility because considered spam. This situation can happen very quickly on live-tweeting or during a promotional campaign when the content shared is the same for everyone. Therefore, bear in mind who you involve in your event and make sure “copy and paste” tweets are not part of your event. It goes on your own and your event’s reputation.

The third news is that of Fleet, a sort of “Twitter’s stories”. In fact, since this summer, this social platform allows you to share images with text or text only or text with links as a “story”, which lasts for 24 hours. Fleets are visible up in Twitter’s home page or clicking on the users’ profile pictures. Just like Instagram Stories, you can see how many people visualised your Fleet and who they are: you will be surprised how often many of them are not your followers. A new exciting way to grow your audience.


social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event


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Instagram: Reel and recommended posts

Instagram is very popular among young audiences between 18 and 30, which brought much news in the past few months.

Among these, there is Instagram Reel: short videos, 15 seconds each, that can be shared inside your feed, with audio, effects and several creative tools. Instagram itself or your device can film the reels. Beyond being shared on your feed, Explore is the dedicated space where your Reels are shared.

This new feature is essential for event organisers because undoubtedly, is a better way to tell more about your event, even if quickly, as a small taste. You can use it before as a “launch” post, even during and after.

It’s still not clear if this challenge against TikTok is still on or lost already.

Event professionals should be very interest in Suggested Posts too, which makes it possible to have more followers and increase your audience and engagement. Instagram, is now showing “recommended posts”, based on past content you liked. These posts are from profiles you don’t follow, but that links to what you usually enjoy.

This update is particularly useful for event organisers, to spread content, industry’s research or news, previews, speakers interviews and even post-event content, telling more about what happened at the event and making everyone talk about it.


social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event


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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

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social, twitter, staffing, Linkedin, event


And finally, Facebook: from the new version to the Messenger Rooms

Concerning Zuckerberg’s social media, the biggest news is probably about the new Facebook version, which is now for everyone and cannot be inactive. Beyond this, Facebook aims at its Messenger Rooms, when invited, your Rooms will be visible on the upper side of your inbox chat. Besides, the option to create a new Room will be more visible, making it easier to invite up to 50 people and therefore organise a mini-virtual event. Among the latest Rooms news is the option to share notifications with your “friends” and remind them to participate in your Room.


What challenges did you or are you still facing with your socials?

Let us know in the comments below. Our community may be able to help you with some suggestions.

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