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10 Commandments to Promote an Event on LinkedIn that Work (+ INVITATION TEMPLATES with 50% Acceptance Rate!)

 Did you ever ask yourself how to promote an event on Linkedin? Do you use this social media at all? The best time to start doing anything is always NOW.

When promoting an event, Linkedin is now the first social media that comes to mind. LinkedIn continuously improves its event promotions functionalities.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • why you should promote an event on LinkedIn
  • what makes it different from Facebook and Twitter
  • What are the best event formats to advertise on this platform
  • 10 ways to promote an event on LinkedIn

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How to promote an event on LinkedIn

Event Marketing undervalues LinkedIn. Since its creation in 2002, its users never stopped growing. Let’s have a look at some statistics:

  • At the moment, the platform hosts over 500 million users and aims to reach 3 billion.
  • Approximately 40 millions of them have leadership positions in their companies
  • Over a fourth of them are Millennials.
  • Even the gender percentage is positive; in fact, 44% of users are women.

This is just to give you a general overview. These are the real reasons why you should promote an event on LinkedIn:

  • Users have a high salary available
  • Content has a high organic reach
  • There is not too much competition for events
  • 80% of B2B lead generation comes from LinkedIn

If that doesn’t look like a gold mine to you, then we don’t know what else it could be.


What makes LinkedIn better than other event marketing channels?

LinkedIn’s purpose is to facilitate networking in a social media way. You may have the impression that it’s mainly directed to B2B professionals, which is right in most cases. However, if you look for LinkedIn groups, you will find a wide range of people coming from all kinds of professional backgrounds.


So, even if the main focus is undoubtedly B2B, don’t worry. You can control what people you want to interact with.


What kind of events is best to promote on LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn is more B2B than B2C, you are right to think B2B events are the best to be promoted on this platform. Think about conferences, trade shows and networking events. However, you will also find companies specialised in corporate yoga lessons, music event organisers and cooking classes. It looks like, even suit and ties people eat and listen to music. Take advantage of all this.


10 ways to promote an event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent event marketing platform, and event promotion is no exception. There are similarities with Facebook; however, the organic reach on LinkedIn is higher, and competition is lower.

Use LinkedIn to:

  • Share valuable info on your event.
  • Post videos and images of past events
  • Promote the networking opportunities during your event
  • Highlight your speakers and sponsors
  • Describe the location, food and entertainment

Like with any other social media marketing, you should always aim using the right headlines and visual content to catch the viewers’ attention. Let’s have a look at some suggestions to promote an event on Linkedin.


1. Personal Status updates

LinkedIn, like Facebook, allows you to publish your status updates. Images, videos or excellent content are those updates that attract higher attention rate.


2. Business’s status updates

You can create your event company’s page or for the event itself. Here you can post status updates and highlight those that are more important to appear at the top.


3. Influencers’ status update

If you have speakers, entertainers, sponsors or media partners during your event, you should ask them to post it on their LinkedIn. If they have an influencer status, it will do wonders for your event marketing.


You should also encourage anyone involved in the event, such as the event venue or the catering to share the same kind of updates.


4. Posts

On LinkedIn, you can publish posts that can be quite long. You can promote an event but try to avoid being too pushy and creating what may be perceived as spam. The platform rewards useful information, so if you have something valuable to offer, it could even appear on LinkedIn Pulse, where it would reach higher exposure.


5. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are similar to those on Facebook. You can participate in discussions and exchange opinions with people with your same interests. Be mindful of spam in these groups. First, you build relationships with them, gain their sympathy before advertising your event. You can also create a specific group for your event and invite everyone to join it.


6. Direct messages

You could, and should, promote an event with direct messages. A free account allows you to send 50 messages at a time, but you could even use Sponsored InMail to communicate with the people you are not connected with yet. Always try to create personalised messaged, and don’t write too often.


7. LinkedIn ads

In addition to Sponsored InMail, the platform also offers other event advertising options. Both LinkedIn ads are similar to those on Facebook. You can buy text ads, that will appear on the users’ right newsfeed. LinkedIn will give you the option to use Sponsored Content inside the newsfeed.

Eventbrite put together a PDF to help you, and LinkedIn even has an eBook on how to take advantage of their ads to promote an event.


8. Improve your profile

There are some tricks you can use to reach extra attention to your event.


9. Hire someone

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find the right members of your team. You can find talented candidates by posting a LinkedIn job post and by promoting your event at the same time.


Suggestion: Have a look at our guidelines on “how to hire outstanding event staff like a pro” and “how to find your A-team”.


10. Get in touch with people

And finally, you have to remember the “social” part of every “social media”. Get in touch with people that like, comment, share your posts, or that is interested in your event after reading messages, updates or sponsored content.

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Sharing means caring, but caring will help you share.


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

All this leaves you free to focus on your business!


It’s time you connect with the rest of the world.

We hope you now have understood how to promote an event on LinkedIn. As you can see, there are so many ways to find the right event staff, team members and guests.


Download below our Invitation Templates for Connecting on LinkedIn (with 50% Acceptance rate

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