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Virtual Event’s Engagement: 4 Easy Strategies to Interest Participants

Going virtual with events worries most event organisers because of attendees engagement. Virtual event’s engagement is a challenge to be won; however, keeping participants interested high in from a screen, engaging them, and making them turn up is not always that easy.

Based on EventMB’s research, 35% of event organisers consider engagement the biggest challenge in virtual events. Based on another study by Aventri, 48% of event planners think that attendees’ attention and satisfaction will be the most significant markers of event success.

How do you keep participants engaged at virtual events? How can you hold them in front of a screen keeping their interest high? In the past months, creativity and technology allowed room for improvement of online events on this too. Let’s have a look at some examples.


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Keyword: Interactivity

To make people engaged, you can’t bore them. Sure, it sounds obvious. However, virtual events don’t always include what is a must for any live experience: interaction.

Even if physically distant, participants should feel like an active part of an event, and that’s why they need to get involved and give their opinion more than once.

An example could be to plan a live survey during a virtual event, to then comment and give the results in real-time. Or, there could be a live Q&A session. It’s about simple solutions, but very efficient. Event learning tests at the end of each session could incentivise remote participants attention, as much as in presence.

In this case, what matters is aiming to exciting content, inviting people to ask questions and give their opinion.


Virtual Networking

It allows participants to reach each other one-to-one, providing private chat rooms where they can exchange professional opinions, knowledge and so on. Based on Marcletic’s research, the first reason people attend a virtual event is educational (80%), followed by networking.

Besides one-to-one chats, even virtual networking needs guidance as much as F2F events. Some informal meetings among smaller groups, selected by their profiles, could facilitate the exchange and discussion. For each group, there should be activities planned. Q&A sessions and end of sessions surveys can be made in groups, for example, with a final consultation of the whole audience.


Entertainment is knocking on the door.

Who’s bringing drinks? It’s always lovely to receive a gift, and this stands for events too. For virtual events, goodie bags arrive directly at home. In these past months of online events, you may have done that already: sending a t-shirt, a branded mug to drink tea together (“tea…”) or food delivery for a convivial evening, even if remotely.

These are all options participants enjoy. They create a feeling of sharing and entertainment, provided that you offer something nice. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but remarkable. This rule doesn’t stand for virtual events only.


The right balance between live and on-demand content

There is no doubt that some content is best when live. Keynote speeches, motivational sessions and similar, especially when dealing with emotions, find their efficiency, especially when live. However, to give participants an active role, you can offer on-demand content, even with push notifications, inviting them to a Call-To-Action. They could be in-depth analysis, support content, videos, infographics and similar, which could be available even post-event.

What’s the main challenge you face when organising a virtual event? Let us know in the comments for free tips from our readers and us.


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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of event staffing and event marketing in one place.
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