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Events Reopening: 5 Promising Trials and Guidelines

New guidelines and trials in the world are taking place to reopen events. In the UK, the events reopening is still not allowed by the Government before the 21st of June. What’s the situation like right now? What’s the plan to reopen events globally? What are the initiatives, governments programs and measures to restart events safely?

While the Lockdown easing is taking place in the UK, other countries too are planning their face-to-face events reopening, taking into account safety and vaccines, and more. Here a few examples.


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UK Reopening

As we already mentioned in our past article Breaking UK Lockdown: Events Starting From May 2021, after many months of lockdown, the UK finally lowers infection numbers. Boris Johnson announced the country’s plan to loosen restrictions based on daily progress, vaccines and infection numbers.

In the UK, based on the announcement, for some event formats, reopening will happen in the third phase, starting at the end of May. For other kinds of events, the doors will open again in mid-June.

Mixed Situation in the US

The situation in the US don’t seem improving for now. However, States like Texas and Missouri, started eliminating anti-Covid restrictions, including those involving events, from the 10th of March. Events, concerts and meetings of all kinds are included.

On the other hand, California and its meeting planners are still on hold. The west coast event professionals shared in an open letter how their business loss will imply grave consequences in 2022, and they are asking to reopen.

Nevada states are announcing to reopen events up to 250 people or half capacity from the 15th of March 2021.

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) shared mass gatherings guidelines, discouraging event planning in any State and giving advice on risk assessment, safety measures and hygiene standards to respect.

One of the latest news on the 8th of March is about guidelines published on the Cds website for those who received a vaccine at least two weeks ago. The vaccine plan speeded up in the last few weeks, and a fourth of US citizens have now received their first administration.

Reading on Cdc’s website, those who received their vaccine can meet other vaccine people indoors without a facemask. However, it is still recommended to keep using it and respect social distancing in potentially risky situations. These new guidelines change that, even if they don’t involve the event industry yet, highlight the impact vaccines may have in our society globally.

Clinical studies to reopen live events

In France and Barcelona, clinical trials are in place to reopen events, testing anti-infection measures efficiency and safety protocols. In Marseilles, a first trial is planned for April, at the Dome de Marseille, with a capacity of 8,500 people. Its doors will open only to 1,000 voluntary participants, which will take a Covid-19 molecular test at the entrance and exit.

In Barcelona, too, clinical trials are in place for events, concerts and shows. In December, around 500 people participated in a DJ-set with no social distancing but wearing mandatory ffp2 face-masks in the historical Apollo concert venue. Nobody had chronic diseases, and everyone had a negative molecular test made 14 days before the event. Besides, all guests took a rapid antigenic test.

The virologist Borid Revollo, working on clinical trials, affirmed to the press that rapid antigenic test might be a valid safety measure against infection at events, from concerts to conferences. Besides, the 500 participants that attended the clinical trial took two molecular tests post-event, and the results showed no disease.

International Associations’ Guidelines

AIPC (International Association of Convention Centres), ICCA (International Convention and Congress Association) and UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) shared an updated version of the document “Requirements for re-opening business events” in September 2020.

“Collaboration and knowledge sharing are fundamental to thrive in difficult times. All the meeting industry is aware that content and education make businesses grow. Therefore, it’s fundamental to prove how to minimise Covid 19 effects in our sector,” affirmed the ICCA President, James Rees. You can find case studies and anti-contagion guidelines, event risk assessments, team management advice, and so on in the documents.

Green Pass, 50% Capacity and Attendance: How Door Open Again in Israel

On the 6th of March 2021, the Israeli Government approved the third phase of pandemic exit, starting from the 7th of March. Also, events reopening is included among those guidelines.

Generally, gatherings of 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors are allowed. Meetings and event guidelines include 50% room capacity use and not over 300 people. However, the entrance is allowed only to those with a Green Pass, which confirms a person is vaccinated or healed from Covid 19. The only Green Pass exception is the admission of 5% of participants through a negative Covid test. The venue organisers are responsible for verifying this limit.

In hotels, dining galls can be used up to 50% of capacity and not more than 300 people. Cultural, sport and corporate events are allowed up to 500 people indoors and 750 people outdoors. In arenas or stadiums with over 10 thousand seats, up to 1 thousand participants are permitted indoors and 1,500 out, with tickets sold in advance and allocated seats. No event with a pre-allocated seat can be organised. People must stay at their seat, and no F&B sale is allowed to be sold or consumed.

What guidelines do you believe are the most efficient?

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