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3 Best Secrets On Brand Ambassadors & Why You Need One

A Brand Ambassador is a professional role with specific marketing goals.
Try to imagine this person as the spokesperson of a company, and therefore of a trademark, your brand. Their responsibilities are incredibly close to amplifying a business’ values and concepts, and not just a product, like in the case of a promoter.
But that’s not it. Clients will directly communicate with Brand Ambassadors, and they will be the image of your company. Depending on your clients’ experience with the Brand Ambassadors you work with, your audience will build memory and an opinion on your products.
But what does it mean to communicate your brand values? Let’s find out in the below paragraphs.


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From Brand Identity to Brand Awareness

Among a promoter’s objectives, there is engagement, promotion and therefore, the interaction between a product and your potential clients. We can think of a brand ambassador as a highly specialised and qualified promoter. If on one side our promoters receive a briefing before working on a promotional campaign, the brand ambassador won’t just have to understand the strengths of your product but will need to know your full values and brand concepts 360 degrees. Your target audience should see in a Brand Ambassador’s activity the message you and your company want to share with them.
It is therefore vital to respect Brand Identity guidelines, which the company built. All those characteristics, more or less explicit, that identify and recognise a company among many others is Brand Identity. For example the colour, the font, logos and even tone of voice in their communication.


brand ambassador, staffing agency, event staff

The Brand Ambassador In-Store and Out-Store

Now that we understood what Brand Ambassadors do, and their difference with a promoter, let’s have a look at how this role works in an in-store and out-store promotional campaign, and what their objectives and responsibilities are.
As mentioned above, a Brand Ambassador is a professional figure that knows all the values and identity of a brand. For this reason, Brand Ambassadors are an ideal solution for ongoing promotional and marketing campaigns, typically in need of highly specialised personnel on all products. A Staffing Agency usually provides Brand Ambassadors and other kinds of event staff, whose job is to select the right profiles based on their skills, personality and experience and match them to the right clients and brands.


brand ambassador, staffing agency, event staff


For example, for brand ambassadors working in-store, they will be busy interacting with your target audience, supporting a higher sales experience and even recording clients’ direct feedback. Moreover, a brand ambassador will be a reference point for other in-store staff, to share their training on the brand and to improve the outcome of the sales altogether.
Would you like to improve your clients’ retail experience in-store? Contact us to find out how we can help you reach your sales targets!

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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.
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