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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Promotional Staff

Are you planning a high-end event as a product launch, a congress or a business meeting? Your responsibilities as an event organiser are many and demanding. However, reading this article will give you ten good reasons why you should hire professional promotional staff making everything more manageable and even more enjoyable.

Let’s start right away with what your responsibilities are:

  • make the best first impression on guests, displaying a positive image, dynamic and proactive on your reality or the product you are offering
  • Make everyone feel at ease, in a friendly and relaxed environment.

How can you reach these two crucial objectives in a single move? Simple: hire a promotional team that will take care of this and much more!

Let’s find out who promoters are and what their tasks are.


Promotional staff: who they are and what they do

Who are promoters? And what do they do?

Thanks to their presence, engagement skills and knowledge on the locations and marketing subjects, this professional event staff will help you interact with your guests in a friendly, polite and competent way.

Promo staff are the leading professional roles playing in the event industry: men and women with particular skills that make them always appreciated by event guests, which thanks to them feel welcomed, taken care for and respected.

Please find out how in-store promotion adapted to Covid-19: read our in-depth analysis.


Promotional Staff: 10 good reasons to hire one

The ten good reasons why you should invest in them is relatively straightforward. Let’s dive right in.

promotional staff, promo staff, promoter, event host, hostess


Reason #1: promoters and event staff are well presented

Nobody can deny that women and men working as event staff and promoters have such characteristics that make them ‘well presented’.

They are generally fascinating people, first of all, on a cultural level with a friendly and tidy style and confident interaction with the audience.

Being ‘well presented’ means especially being naturally smiley, polite, good-mannered and discreet.


Reason #2: promo staff have outstanding personal attitudes

Compared to other event staff, event promoters and promotional staff deal directly with your guests, supporting them in all their needs.

What makes them different?

  • Their elegant manners;
  • Their kindness and availability to help;
  • Their patience in listening to people’s needs;
  • Their flexibility in adapting to an event theme and situation;
  • Their team working skills;
  • Their immediate problem-solving.


Reason #3: promo staff have excellent training

This second reason is closely linked to the second one, as culture is not to be taken for granted and gives them extreme flexibility among many events.

Promotional staff and event staff find themselves switching from a product launch to a trade show or even a medical conference. Every event happens in a specific sector, with different guests, concerning given subjects which they always need to know everything about to be informative and at ease.


Reason #4: promotional staff can help setting up the stand

Event Staff, promotional staff and promoters can start working even before the event even begins.

They can help to prepare goodie bags, distributing brochures around the stand and making any samples ready. Most professional promoters hold a Food and Hygiene Certificate Level 2 to handle food and drinks safely. Besides, they are all trained for Covid-19 mass gatherings by the World Health Organisation knowing how to keep themselves, clients and the audience safe from associated risks.


Reason #5: promoters create engagement

Do you want your guests to try a new product?

Do you want them to enter a theme-based or specific area of your stand?

In all these experiential marketing situations, event staff, promotional models, promo girls and promoters will know what to do, motivating your guests to engage with your brand (with no pressure, by just being friendly, experienced and outgoing)


Reason #6: promo staff can do data capture

Would you like to capture all your visitors’ data before they leave your stand? A promoter can do that with good manners, politeness and a great smile!

Do you know the difference between a promoter and an event hostess?

Read our in-depth analysis of event hosts and event hostesses to choose the right service for your needs!

Event hosts and event hostesses welcome guests, translate into other languages (not to professional interpreter level) and team lead. Let’s find out what their roles are and how they are different from promoters.


Reason #7: event hosts and event hostesses welcome guests

When guests enter the event venue, it’s the responsibility of the event organiser to make them feel welcome. Event hosts and event hostesses meet and greet guests at the entrance and provide any necessary information to make their experience memorable.

Also, event staff can distribute participants event goodies, gadgets, freebies, corporate gifts and literature.


Reason #8: event hosts and event hostesses can help with foreign visitors

Event Staff has an incredible asset: they know several foreign languages and can help you communicate with international clients.

Besides speaking perfectly English, event staff can speak even 3 or 4 other languages.


Reason #9: event staff can become tour leaders

Moving guests from one location to another? Event hosts and event hostesses are confident with this too, for example:

  • when the event lasts more days, and at the end of each day guests need to reach their hotels to sleep, event staff can be their tour leaders;
  • event hosts and event hostesses will be the first to receive your guests at the airport and guide them to a pre-arranged cab or shuttle.


Reason #10: event hosts, event hostesses, and promotional staff manage the post-event

We said initially that promotional staff could be on your side even before the event even begins. This arrangement stands for the end of the event too, for both event staff and promotional staff.

Both professionals can deal with:

  • saying goodbye to guests and directing them to the exit
  • collect event feedback and customer satisfaction, for example distributing a form;
  • distribute attendance certificates
  • making the conference rooms or exhibition stand nice and tidy before leaving.

In both cases, relying on a professional event staffing agency that selects the right profiles on your behalf is not just a winning choice but even efficient and strategic, for all the above reasons we just listed.

Would you link to organise a product launch or an event? Choose the right promotional staff or event staff for you!

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