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Frustrated To Find A Job During Coronavirus? Tips That Work 99%

Here some tips to find jobs during Coronavirus. Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, it impacted everyone. Schools, communities, individuals and businesses reorganised their priorities to manage the emergency. The event industry, in particular, is still not supported by the government and still not allowed to work at events, while many other sectors received the government’s help and are now back to work.

Students, graduates and unemployed are asking themselves what the effects of this pandemic in the jobs world are. Will companies keep hiring? Will job positions decrease, and competition will be even more challenging? How can you find a job during Coronavirus?

Surely, recruiters and HRs, as much as candidates, are adapting to this situation. First of all, face-to-face meetings are avoided when possible (and unfortunately, event professionals know that very well), and digital tools allow many to work from home or remotely. Many companies keep looking for candidates and continue the hiring process.

Technology is a life saviour for many of us: video interviews and telephone interviews allow many recruiters to virtually meet and get to know new candidates, respecting H&S measures. Hiring doesn’t stop during Coronavirus!

Sadly, we know many event professionals have been furloughed or made redundant. Therefore in this article, in this article, we share tips that work for anyone, to find a job during Coronavirus. This post is dedicated to anyone that has been affected by the pandemic.


job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

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How can I find a job during Coronavirus?

Keep applying

In such uncertain and confusing times, many businesses are reconsidering their hiring strategies and the kind of professionals they want to hire. Many are looking for candidates able to work from home. Don’t miss the opportunity to be hired!

The hiring process is much slower and complicated, but it’s worth sending your resume, with the chance to be considered.

Spend time to send high-quality applications

Why should you spend time on quality applications? The answer is easy: you usually apply to job positions that interest you; however, in difficult times, it’s good to focus on fewer opportunities but give your 100%. Focus all your energies on those positions, and you will get noticed among hundreds of candidates.

Consider growing industries

When looking for a job during Coronavirus, it’s an excellent strategy to aim for the sectors that are rapidly growing or the ones that are hiring quicker. Look for businesses that grew exponentially in the last few years: for example, startups, technology companies, digital, pharmaceutical, logistics, transport, etc.

Here’s who’s hiring in the UK (8th October 2020)

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

During difficult times, unfortunately, we need to adapt. To find a job during Coronavirus, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t look only to different industries, be open to the possibility to look for a job in another city or country if you can.

Adopt different strategies

Don’t rely on the usual portals that you always used. Right now, it’s the perfect moment to take advantage of your network: contact old school mates, people you know from university or acquaintances, and ask them if their companies are looking for candidates.

Take advantage of your social media profiles: share and comment articles linked to your industry, take part in discussions, be a member of online groups! Socials are an excellent way of getting in touch with others, grow your network and contact old acquaintances.

Be flexible and adapt

We know it’s frustrating to hear this one. However, during a crisis, there are fewer jobs and more candidates. Consequently, even salaries may lower. You will need flexibility on your wage and role offered. To be noticed among many profiles, you need to prove your recruiter that you can provide better results than anyone else: that’s why you need to prepare yourself at your best for interviews.


job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

Should you “actively seek opportunities” on Linkedin?

As we mentioned above, make sure you adopt different strategies and don’t rely on the usual portals to apply for a job during Coronavirus. If you use Linkedin among your social media, should you clearly state you are “actively seeking opportunities”?

If you are using this phrase on your Linkedin profile’s headline, you will rank for that keyword phrase among profiles that don’t use it. However, there are two significant arguments we want you to think. The first argument is: are you sure that is something you want to rank?

The second argument is that especially pre-covid, many recruiters and hiring managers tend to avoid people with such phrases in their profile. The reason is simple: they suspect you may be interested only because currently unemployed. Yes, this is called discrimination, and any hiring manager or recruiter will be hard-pressed to admit it.

Even LinkedIn would never say they penalise unemployed people since they even support them with #OpenToWork and image updates with the same hashtag campaign. However, they boost your profile in their search algorithm for being “employed”, by completing your profile so that you can have an “All-Star” status. Read between the lines…

Instead of writing “actively seeking opportunities” in your headline, report that as a brand new position, so you will still show up under those keywords, and it won’t take away your prime real estate. If you do this, turn off your updates in your privacy settings. You do NOT want LinkedIn to share “Congratulations on your new position as Actively Seeking Opportunities” to your entire network. You can turn on your updates once you created your new position.

For more information on LinkedIn job search, visit this article.


job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

How can you make your resume more effective?

Remember to update it!

This tip is always valid: don’t send the same CV for every job you apply. Every job has a specific description listing skills, experiences and requirements for that professional profile. Once you understand the vital aspects of the role, adjust your curriculum: you will rise among many to be the perfect candidate.

Underline your digital skills

At this moment, recruiters are looking for tech-savvy candidates and digital skills, especially for remote positions. In your resume list clearly which programs you know how to use (in particular those that allow people to work remotely such as Hangouts, Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.) and specify which jobs or projects you worked on remotely.


job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

How can you prepare for an interview in the Covid era?

Prepare for online meetings and telephone interviews

For some of you, this modality may be familiar already; for many others, this may be something completely new. If you want to find out how to succeed at a virtual interview, read this article: How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview.

Explain your working method

As we already mentioned, recruiters are looking for profiles that are confident in working remotely. And not just that, but also adjust to the rest of the team, even if you don’t work side to side. Describe your work method and how you intend to maximise your productivity, underling your ability to work in a team, even remotely. Here’s how to be productive when working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Be patient and follow-up

Companies are adjusting, and recruiters are still trying to understand how to adapt. Don’t be surprised and don’t worry if you won’t hear any feedback straight away.

Once the interview ends, send a follow-up email to your recruiters to thank them for their time and make yourself available to answer any questions. Once that’s done, wait for a couple of weeks before contacting them again.

Looking for a job during Coronavirus is still possible!

If you are looking for a job during Coronavirus, don’t give up! Be patient while businesses and recruiters adjust to the hiring process. In the meantime, you can get ready to make the best first impression: follow our tips and sign up to our newsletter, where we share weekly news, free resources and information for event professionals.

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job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

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job during coronavirus, event staff, staffing agency

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