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Is Event Staff Training Worthless in 2020?

Did you ever ask yourself what makes a business thrive at an exhibition? What makes it competitive on the market? What allows it to stay up to date with daily event guidelines?

The answer is not what you may expect. The key to success in a business is not in looking on the outside far and wide; in fact, it’s quite the contrary. You will look in the inside of your business, in the people that create and are part of your business.

In particular, in this article we will talk about the right team, full time and temporary, that represents your company not only during events or expos but also for the real success of the business. The event staff training on guidelines to follow and on the most effective ways to communicate and approach the audience, it’s vital in the historical moment we are living, guaranteeing your success. You’ll be sure that your values, message and product or services quality will get the attention of old, new and potential clients.


A Bit of Context

Due to Covid-19, event staff training changed dramatically. The social distancing guidelines and gatherings limit makes it difficult to adopt traditional event staff training that we once knew. However, social distancing created new guidelines, many of which can be maintained post-pandemic.

As follows, we will show you how you can resolve this common problem that many other businesses are living. In this challenging situation, you may trust in experts that will choose the right personnel for you, taking care of their training too.


What Event Staff Training is All About

Event staff training consists of all activities that provide your personnel with the necessary skills to carry out their duties during an event.

In fact, during exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and expos, the event staff has an essential role in:

  • welcoming clients,
  • ensuring security,
  • making the entrance, exit, and people flow more efficient
  • monitoring the event
  • assisting guests during their visit at the event

Besides, the event staff on the exhibition floor has the task to:

  • attract new clients
  • interest visitors to your products and services
  • providing additional information about your company
  • transmit trust and confidence

And much more.

In making the best first impression, your event staff will engage visitors to contact you and become new clients.

event staff training, safety, covid, event, event staff

Event Staff training goals

For any company or business, allocating time and resources to the personnel’s development is always an intelligent investment that brings benefits in the long run. Event staff training brings multiple uses, and in this article, we will list some of them, both generic and specific, valid during and post Covid-19.


Generic Goals for Event Staff Training

Here below, we recommend some evergreen goals for your event staff training. You will find them useful to train your event staff under any circumstances.

  • Bridge gaps and acquire new skills: “no man is born learned”. There is a vast knowledge that event staff must possess when dealing with the public, which can be guaranteed only through training. Besides, there are certain event staff, with specific skills and qualifications, regarding, for example, security, which must necessarily be acquired and certified.
  • Contributing to your employees’ growth in the long run: by training your employee, you work more efficiently and quicker, maximising success chances. Besides, when your employees learn, they develop new skills and apply them every day at work. Many studies show that the companies that invest most in their staff’s education are those with higher success in the long run. Even if you have to train temporary event staff, like an event host or event hostess, it’s a wise investment! Trained event staff will communicate more efficiently at your event, with self-confidence and fluency in your message, which will be much more convincing. Also, if the opportunity will show up, the right event staff will already know completely, or partially, what the training is all about.
  • Create a strong sense of belonging: your event staff will feel essential and grateful, making it easier to work willingly and at best. Besides, your event staff will feel good working for your company and support you during other events, having learned the required skills already.


Post-Coronavirus Event Staff Training

During such challenging times, when safety is the number one priority, investing in security even in personnel’s education is the right choice and in certain situations, even compulsory. When we talk about training and Coronavirus, we have to consider safety on two levels. First of all, you should always educate your event staff on how to work safely at events. Second of all, and even most importantly, the selected event staff should be certified to work safely at events. That’s why we recommend you to contact an expert that will organise the training adequately.

  • Safety: your trained event staff will guarantee visitors’ and other event staff’s safety, including your own. Your event staff will communicate efficiently with potential clients respecting all safety measures, once trade shows will open again. They will offer safe gadgets or food samples (those with Level 2 Food Hygiene if you don’t want to incur into any fees) and will be able to direct visitors to your stand. Your event staff will ensure you succeed at your events, maintaining your exhibition stand tidy and avoiding dangerous gatherings. Your event space will look even more organised than usual, and this will leave a good impression with your visitors.
  • Perceived and real quality: the training makes the difference, and you can see it too! Your most trained employees will be more self-confident and will communicate more efficiently. They will quickly engage with visitors to contact you, asking for a quotation or striking a deal. Besides, respecting health and safety guidelines gives the impression people can trust your company. A business that cares about its clients cares about the quality of its too.
  • Brand image and brand reputation: when visitors see your event staff so organised and caring for safety, and at the same time self-confident and communicative thanks to their training and the right selection, your brand reputation will surely make a qualitative leap. Therefore, your brand image will increase too.

event staff training, safety, covid, event, event staff

Pros of Event Staff Training

Summarising the goals we listed a few minutes ago, we now understand event staff training, education and development bring in remarkable and vital advantages. It increases the level of competitiveness on the market, thanks to your employees and event staff’s higher productivity. This advantage links to a feeling of gratitude and appreciation towards the company, which makes staff more keen and available. All this allows you to obtain a return in image and company reputation, as we just saw.

In summary, the main advantages are:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Brand image
  • The staff’s higher availability
  • Higher productivity


Why Event Staff Training Is Important

A “happy” company is a productive company. That’s why it’s vital to invest in event staff training, although this is often considered unnecessary and redundant.

The constant development of your personnel allows you to trust competent and always updated employees who, being grateful towards the company, are still engaged and willing to increase their performance.


Covid-19 Emergency

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 hit hard the event industry, nationally and internationally.

As of today, starting again approached many solutions, guaranteeing the respect of safety guidelines, including staff and visitors protection.

Hiring suppliers that are educated and trained in health and safety is now essential.

In addition to event staff training, there are also other precautions, like the right stand model. Event staff should keep at least a meter distance always wearing PPE, especially the face mask. When temperature check is higher than 37.5, local authorities intervene. The protocol to follow in a similar situation is among the subjects discussed during the event staff training.

Even in this situation, we are always here, at your side, to offer you advice, tips and essential information about training and safety in the event industry!

If you want to find out more about the latest updates on the event industry, you can visit the European World Health Organisation’s website. They continually update on Governments’ health and safety guidelines for events and more.


How to Train your Event Staff

First of all, you should remind them of generic safety measures, like the compulsory use of PPE, one-meter social distance and frequent hand hygiene, which can be compensated by hand gel too.

You then have to inform your event staff on specific safety measures to adopt during exhibitions and conferences:

  • Temperature check
  • Daily uniform sanitising
  • Mandatory ID check-in
  • Wearing a compulsory badge

Another solution to reduce infection is scheduling rota, to avoid gatherings in working and public spaces, especially during peak hours.

Event staff training needs to happen remotely when possible. You can plan it through online video calls in real-time, or online webinars.


In conclusion

Event staff training is vital for any business aiming to be successful and competitive in the market.

During this emergency, it is even more essential.

For more information, contact us at info@roxeventstaff.com. We are here for you!


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