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Event Online Content: 3 Killer Pieces of Advice to Win At It

How To Use Online Content In Your Event Communication Strategy?

Event marketing strategies and channels changed during the pandemic. Informative and educational material is no exception, such as programmes, presentations, technical and practical information, mainly distributed online, if not exclusively, in a digital format.

Digital content is not new and became a must during virtual events, where all information is shared online. They are more popular than ever, even at hybrid and in-person events. Especially for these last two formats, digital is preferred over printer literature as a recommended safety measure against Covid-19 (in addition to being environment friendly) by the World Health Organization.

This digital content can be shared with event participants via email or directly online at the virtual event. Have you ever thought of using your event’s content to promote and tell more about your event or create more audience engagement? In a few words, have you ever thought about using it as your virtual event’s communication strategy?

To do so, you should follow the rules of event content marketing, which allows you to take advantage of online content by ranking on search engines such as Google. And there is more! This article will look at three ways of using your event’s digital content to create the right user experience, grow your audience, and increase your event’s engagement rate.


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in the UK that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

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1. Informative Material: The Importance Of Web Updates

The event’s online content has the critical advantage of being updated in real-time. This reality stands for the event’s informative material, too, as updates allow you always to offer accurate information. A new speaker, or even a program change, news: on the event’s website everything should enable participants to stay in the loop.

Also, make sure your event’s website has easy to find and simple to understand information. Where, how and when, how to register and how to participate are information that users want to see straight away to register or not at your event. That’s why the website should offer an exceptional user experience.

If there is downloadable content, if you want users to follow your “Call To Actions” such as “Sign up to the newsletter”, “Download the agenda” or “Listen to the speakers”, highlight the CTA and don’t disappoint your audience with out-of-date info.

Another suggestion: if you have news on the event, also, to let your registered participants know via email, add the information on your event’s website. This update will allow you to share social content, for example. This info could also interest someone that didn’t register yet and based on the news will decide to sign up. You will also give an impression of accuracy.

Finally: make sure your event format is understandable since the beginning. Is your future event in a digital format when it was usually F2F? Don’t be afraid of communicating with your audience, explaining your reasons, clarifying how the event will occur, what to do, how to use the platform and so on.


2. Sharing Presentations To Grow Your Audience

We all know how event presentations, especially at educational events but not limited to, are precious material to participants. One of the most common questions from the audience is “Are these presentations available post-event?”. This answer is not taken for granted as slides are the product of hard work and knowledge, but it’s also true that this content is the most precious “take away” for the attendants.

Said so, we also know that not all content can be made public. If there is no privacy impediment, have you ever thought of using online content such as presentations to create engagement and make your event talked about even when it already ended?

For example, presentations could be the “reward” for those signing up to your newsletter, even if they did not attend the event but could eventually do next time. Or for those answering the event survey, even better if on your social media, to understand what content is people interested in for next edition.

Event presentations are a great tool to grow your audience. For example, you could upload them on SlideShare and share them on your social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. SlideShare offers you the advantage of creating your doc’s URL, such as, which you or attendees can easily share. Besides, you can also embed your slides on your website. The document can be public or private, allowing you to use your event’s presentations as useful online content, ranked by Google. Therefore that can be found by those researching a similar subject.


3. Newsletters: Information That Creates Engagement

As you know, newsletters are very efficient in sharing news with participants. It’s also a great way to promote the event, inviting people to attend, offering discounts and so on. The information should always be updated and accurate, providing all useful guidelines and updating with news and details about the event’s subject.

A newsletter is an effective channel post-event too. Indeed, you can use it to remind your audience to download any content, view highlights and feedback and make future editions’ forecasts. Therefore, newsletters allow you to take advantage of your event’s online content and make it more strategic for your communication.


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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of event staffing and event marketing in one place.
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