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Outdoor Events: 9 Easy Steps to Plan Them

An outdoor event is an excellent opportunity to do something different and unique. It’s a perfect way to enjoy business gatherings, marketing campaigns, brand awareness and data capture, to name a few.

Outdoor events are a bit more informal than indoor occasions. However, outdoor events are becoming more in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After months of quarantine, attendees and professional event organisers will network at events again globally.

To avoid COVID, Governments also suggested out-of-door events to ensure more safety, social distancing, and health precautions. It’s also widespread to hire event staff to help you run your event and respect these safety guidelines among your guests.

To assist you, we will discuss the 10 most straightforward steps to organise an outdoor event, even in the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also spotlight the necessary health precautions that you must take to arrange a smooth and secure gathering. Let’s start!


Hire Professional Event Staff

It is the primary point to consider when going ahead with an event. Know your space, budget, and contact a professional event staffing agency to discuss all details. Remember, only the best agencies carefully select their staff based on their experience, personality and interests, besides representing the event, supporting your guests and keeping an eye on everything in the best appropriate manner. Event hosts and hostesses will help you ensure that everyone fulfils COVID SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).


Set Objectives & Timeline

Planning an event can sometimes be very challenging. Before going further in detail, you must know why you want to arrange the event? Do you want to boost your number of customers? Do you want to generate more sales revenue? If you are a trade show exhibitor, would you like to invite your customers?

Just make a list of all your answers and figure out the timeline that the event will take. These things will make it easy for you to decide the event location, decoration, amenities, and other necessary items.

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Your Budget

Each event requires a budget to find the right patio space, tents, picnic areas and more, instead of a classical indoor event venue, to book all rentals. Here is the checklist of the most common event accessories needed to help you calculate your budget.

  • Permit cost.
  • Patio, plaza, etc., fee.
  • Exclusive zone usage cost.
  • Barricade cost.
  • Tables/chair rental cost.
  • Security cost.
  • Power and other engineering equipment costs.
  • Management cost.
  • Event staff fee.
  • Land cleaning fee.

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Get a Permit

Before moving further into your event planning, make sure that you are following the rules correctly. First, check the law for your selected location. Inspect the regulations for noise so that authorities would not shut down your event due to public nuisance.

Scrutinise noise laws and fire security codes to make your plan accurate. Don’t forget to determine what kind of permits you need to hold for the event, for example, road closure or sidewalk permit, food, and permit to sell alcohol.

Remember, it takes time to get permits, so do this ASAP to get things rolling. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will get the license to arrange your event.


Logistics & Event Staff

First, your venue should be easy to reach for guests. However, convenience is also crucial when it comes to catering, entertainment and other requirements. Create a meeting with your event staff to discuss all details. We recommend you hire such event staff to help with logistics too.

Carefully examine the stage and discuss with your sales assistant about the location. Also, check for the electricity availability.


Guests Luxury

The most crucial point while planing an outdoor event is your audience/guests. First, check the weather forecast and arrange things for your guests accordingly. For example, make sure your audience has plenty of water during hot days. Arrange some outdoor heaters and make the event area centrally heated during the cold season. Also, make your guests aware of the venue style and recommend they bring gadgets like sunscreen, a raincoat, etc.


Follow the COVID SOPs

As we all know, Corona Virus is a severe issue globally. Make sure your event does not break the SOPs. Hold the arrangement according to the social distancing rules. Arrange first aid teams ready to step in if needed. Direct your event staff to look after each person whether he/she is following the SOPs or not. If not, provide your guests with a face mask, gloves or any other necessary PPE.

More details can be found on the Government’s website. 


Lighting & Communication Tools

Validate the proper lighting arrangement for walkways, paths, parking area to ensure convenience and safety for your guests. Besides, communication is vital at remote locations. Hire a communication equipment master so that your voice reaches every corner of the venue without any problem.



Facilitate your audience with some extra services such as hand wipes, tissues, light blankets, bug spray, sunblock, wraps, and others to confirm the weather.



The event may over, but the task is not. The outdoor event venue may help with this, or you can hire cleaning staff on this occasion, all following the most updated rules on hygiene and sanitisation before, during and after the event.


Wrapping up

If you are planning an event of any kind, especially outdoors, keep the points mentioned above in mind. Hire professional event staff that offers executive hostesses to look after your event. Follow the rules and regulations to make your event successful and with happy guests that will keep coming back every year.


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  1. Outdoor events are fun. It helps to engage with people more. But due to Covid, it is difficult to conduct an outdoor event. Even if one is planning to do an outdoor event, he/she should follow all the covid rules and regulations like checking temperature, maintaining a social distance, wearing a mask, etc. Thank you for this article and it seems helpful as it gives detailed information about it. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

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