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5 Strategies to Cut Event Costs for a Successful Event, without Sacrificing Quality! (+EVENT BUDGET TEMPLATE)

Do you organise or attend events?

Don’t cut event costs sacrificing quality. For a successful event, it is vital paying for the right event price.

  In this article, you will find Strategies and Tricks to keep your Event Cost under control. We will explain to you why in a few lines. Before diving into this post, we need to understand the main reason why “event organising” exists. You take part in an event because you are confident it will bring you positive results in terms of image, visibility, client portfolio and prestige. Each one of us has specific motivations. Taking all this into consideration, whenever we decide to be supported by a third party in our project, we should keep this in mind. If we want to achieve a successful result, we must be ready to pay the right event price, because cutting event costs has its collateral effects. Not in the mood to read right now? Check our video digest:

How to Pay for the Right Event Price and Spend the Right Event Cost

  When Rox Event Staff opened, we decided to invest all our energies in a thorough interview and training process of our personnel. This way, we can offer our clients premium professional profiles, no matter the duration of the event.   This approach stands for our office team too, which takes care of our clients: we are the first point of contact, especially when organising a successful event.   We make sure our event staff is aware of our clients’ profiles, their history, their goals and ambitions by dedicating the highest care to the recruitment, of our hostesses and hosts, in their constant preparation and supervision.   To do so, we need remarkable resources that can bring us to positive results.   This example is simply to explain why it does not make sense to rely on partners that promise excellent results at lower prices.   It is impossible to grant a successful event if you don’t aim to a competent and complete training of professionals that would take care of it.   In the case of hostesses and hosts, it is not just about “looking good”. It is also about being educated on the clients’ goals and why our clients hired them. It is fundamental being always one step ahead and ready to act; it is essential being able to face challenges.   All this requires patience, time, preparation and determination! All this reflects on the service price. Would it make sense if it was the other way around?   That is why the price should not be variable.   Let’s be suspicious about who assures excellent results at lower costs, and let’s remember that quality has its fair price. It may be wise not taking your company’s prestige lightly. Red too much? Check our video digest of this second part:

How to Lower Event Costs, Keeping Quality High

  • Precautions,
  • managing skills
  • Soft event cost reduction, without your attendees’ noticing
  • choosing the right location
  • giving room to your creativity,
  • thinking on how to use your brand in the long run,
  • keeping catering under control
These are just a few examples mentioned by the Event Manager Blog.  

Choosing the Right Event Venue

Choosing the right event venue is undoubtedly one of the first steps to take, asking yourself questions about the impact this can have on your attendees.   Moving your successful event in suburb areas can have positive outcomes, for example, on lower parking fees and less stress on traffic and high-peak hours.   Besides, the event planner’s negotiation can be more substantial.   When you prefer a city-centre location, it is vital to have an ROI by making sure the event costs will be paid back by attendance.  

How to Keep Branding Event Costs Lower 

For what concerns the branding, you can save up on information sharing, by reducing specific years’ edition material with digital solutions (leaving it to mega screens).   Other details could limit reuse, for example, the company’s signage and staff’s uniforms.  

Event Price Negotiation with Suppliers for Successful Events

  Your relationship with suppliers is another sophisticated side of event planning. Small and detailed negotiations are a significant aspect of every successful event.   Our main suggestion is that of discussing every detail before agreeing and signing on any contract so that you have more freedom on secondary information. A few examples could be electricity, meeting rooms availability, water on speakers’ desks, Wi-Fi, stationery, etcetera.   This approach will allow you to establish a day delegate rate, based on the simplified offer and services included. successful event, cost, price, lower price, hostess, host, 


Event planning is not easy, especially if you are on a tight budget. In this article, we discussed how sacrificing event costs can make your event quality skyrocketing downwards. We then looked at how you can keep up that high standard level by simply choosing the right event venue, keeping branding event costs lower by re-usage, and negotiating the right way with suppliers, keeping an eye out on any unnecessary extra charges.   Good luck with your events! From the Rox Event Staff team

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