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Event Staff: 3 Big Challenges in Promotional Marketing

You surely can agree with us when we say that event staff working on promotional campaigns (In-Store or Street Marketing) is about relating to the audience.

Besides, planning, organisation and determination are fundamental. However, wasting too much energy and being too pushy are not efficient strategies to reach your objectives.

Nowadays, the best way to deal with the competition (as for any industry) is to see the long-term goals. Be mindful there should always be sales or brand awareness goals based on your product or service, and NOT your whole brand range.

Also, you might run a considerable risk: losing energies and strength that could optimise a better direct engagement.

Our clients are in charge of deciding what to promote and how much, and Rox Event Staff supports their strategy. However, the organisation represents only 20% of our promotional and marketing campaigns. (Logistics, stores documents, reports, etc.). In this article, we share some of our secrets to deliver a successful and efficient promotional or marketing campaign, even when last minute!


Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in the UK that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.

 All our Event Staff took the mass gathering course by WHO, which is now mandatory for them to work with us.



Event Staff’s Training and Education

Our event hosts and event hostesses’ training and education involve the majority of our efforts. We focus on organising our time efficiently and work on what’s essential to achieve our clients’ goals. We deal with management, analysis and planning of the “sales opportunity” to reach our clients’ target audience.

These are the reasons why we organise our promo staff’s briefing and training (which we discuss in advance with our clients). We put ourselves in the shoes of customers approaching the in-store or street marketing campaign.

Therefore, we can summarise our efforts in:

  • Optimisation
  • Focusing
  • Not wasting our energies in unnecessary and unrequired tasks

The engagement analysis between promotional staff and target audience make the above findings.

Our structured marketing and promotional campaigns have been successfully tested several times in the years, changing details related to the type of service/product and its seasonality and industry interest. But we always focus on the target audience, avoiding unnecessary waste of budget.

These are just a few of the reasons why planning is vital for promotional campaigns. Rox Event Staff’s experience in the field allows us to be ready for any last-minute requests too, even today for tomorrow: a specific request we regularly get. And even in these situations, we can deliver a great promotional campaign for our clients.

Planning allows us to focus on our promoter’s and event staff’s training and avoiding any waste of energies in any inefficient recruitment process.

event staff, marketing, staffing, promotional campaign, promo


Event Staff last-minute requests

It’s also true that sometimes, emergencies happen to our client’s Marketing and Project Managers, as it always does for any business, including Rox Event Staff. Many times, pressure and mandatory requirements force us to work last minute.

However, in those situations, it’s important to highlight with any of our clients, the risks involved.

Well planned promotional campaigns guarantee results and don’t waste budget in vain. With the right time, it’s possible to select and train promoters and promo staff properly, always focusing on optimising time and energies during the engagement.

Here’s a video we found very useful in the past to deal with last-minute requests at work:

All our services summarise in 3 macro areas:

At Rox Event Staff, we avoid having unhappy clients by offering our field and trade marketing level of expertise, with a specific and proven methodology.

Thanks to this approach, brands considerably reduce risks, costs and get handpicked staff based on their needs, highly qualified to sell their products or services.

At the beginning of any collaboration, it’s vital to share a clear strategy and approach to the promotional campaign, based on achievable goals and objectives: an out-and-out pre-start analysis, compelling to any kind of project.

If you want to have a profitable promotional campaign available for your brand and you would like to examine in depth this opportunity, ask for a free consultation HERE.


About Rox Event Staff, Event Staffing Agency in London

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Rox Event Staff is the only event staffing agency in London that helps you take the headache out of staffing and event marketing in one place.
We operate nationwide across the UK with over 2,000 dynamic COVID-19 trained events staff on our growing roster. We have dedicated account management, event marketers, staff’s right-to-work checks, training and skills tests on all workers, taking care of payroll too.


Get in touch to let us know your requirements. We will let you know how we can make that happen.

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