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The COVID-19 Plan We Shared with Our +2k Amazing Event Staff

Staff’s motivation and wellbeing: this is not something to take lightly in any industry. Here we share how we take care of our event staff during Covid-19 and how we communicated this to our event staff’s database. We hope you can find this useful and get some ideas to keep your staff’s wellbeing to heart.

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Event Staff’s Safety first of all

If you decided to keep your company’s doors open, the first thing you need to think about is your staff’s safety.

  • We provide our event hostesses and hosts, event managers, brand ambassadors and event staff PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, face masks and face coverings, and Antimicrobial Hand Sanitisers and Gels.
  • If our event staff shows symptoms of fever, cough or short breath, we will send them to a quarantine area, managed by the nearest local authorities to evaluate possible C-19 tests.
  • In our event staff’s break room, we hang hygienic recommendations on how to wash hands properly, disinfect surfaces and interact with exhibitors, event attendees and colleagues.
  • Our event staff reduces direct interaction and knows how to respect social distancing. In fact, they have we are currently very busy preparing to bounce back to work post lockdown and after receiving recent enquiries from Clients re: Covid-19 trained staff to work at events, we are currently putting together a nationwide task force where our staff to be considered for any roles is required to complete a Covid-19 training module,  provide by a third party College, which constantly updates with the latest discoveries on the virus. This ensures that we are simply going back to what we do brilliantly, requiring all staff to complete the module before we book them on any other jobs going forward.


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Event Staff’s Wellbeing and Mental Health

In this kind of situations, it’s vital to express your company’s support to your team. We make sure to plan regular online meetings with our event staff on the steps to take. Even if events are temporarily not happening, we keep in contact with them and keep them up to date with future company’s decision. We decided not to hesitate to talk about future expectations and fears because this situation is so emotionally challenging, and its impact goes beyond the economic and professional world.

Did you know that the NHS (National Health Service) has free listening services and mental health helplines? Check their website to find out more and share this information with your staff, no matter which industry you are part of.


We keep our thousands of Event Staff informed

It’s needless to say communication is the foundation of any trusting relationship, especially in the current situation. We make sure our event hosts, event hostesses, event managers and other event staff are aware of the current situation and follow the government’s guidelines and suggestions. Daily keeping your team informed promotes trust and calm among your staff. Yes, daily. Therefore, try to manage information professionally and with care, without making the situation any worst. We are all exposed daily – especially now – to a burst of information about the emergency. That’s why we recommend you to share verified and reliable information with your staff, concerning the impact on your industry.

The Email We Sent to Our +2k Amazing Event Staff about Rox Event Staff Agency's COVID-19 Plan

Other Reliable Sources


Advice For Event Professionals And Their Event Staff


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How we communicated Our Covid-19 Message To Our Event Staff

If you scrolled until here, you now have the tools to get reliable and verified information concerning Covid-19 and the events industry, and how we managed it ourselves at Rox Event Staff Agency. Below we will share the email we sent all our 2,423 event staff to keep them up to date with the industry’s situation and encourage them to share any doubt and concern they may have. We believe this is a fundamental thing to do in any company, in any sector, if you care about your employees and staff’s wellbeing and mental health.

It’s important to let your staff know you are thinking of them, comforting them you have a game plan and that their health is your number one concern. We sent the following email out to our event staff database, which was the quickest and most efficient way to do it.


Here’s the email, which you can feel free to use for your staff too if you didn’t send this already:

Dear XX,

We are emailing all our event staff to make sure you are aware of our Covid-19 plan. We are managing the situation carefully, and your wellbeing is our number one priority. We guarantee you we are checking the conditions with a daily methodical strategy and closely following authorities’ guidance.

Hygiene: when working, please always keep in mind hygiene standards as working in events implies physically interacting with the public. Wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds. When working, we will provide you with one anti-bacterial sanitising wipe pack and one Alcohol Hand Sanitizer – 500ml. Please use them frequently and let us or your event manager know if you feel sick while working.

Attitude: we are all in this together during this abnormal time, and at least, these challenging months put us all together more. A positive outlook with no superficial chatter or rumour is our best defence strategy. We will keep communicating with you regularly; this should aid in removing any worries or concerns. Let’s all be on the same wavelength.

Health: if you are not feeling well, please do NOT come to work. Let us know and follow the government’s guidelines about self-isolation. We won’t judge you; we can’t emphasise this enough.

Reserves are ready to step in and take your place in these situations as we always did.

Communication is a mutual relationship so keep us updated on how you feel. Regarding illness, please contact Federica at info@roxeventstaff.com or if urgent at +44 (0) 207 431 4381. For out of office hours at +44 (0) 7508 410 366.

Information: Please check the below links to read again useful information we shared with you so far and any government’s updates.


World Health Organisation




European Centre for Disease Control



We are all on the same boat, and we are certain events will be back as this is a way too important industry for any country in terms of politics, economy, culture and business. Be assured we will get back to busy seasons, as these measures are only temporary.

We look forward to an exciting new event era with lots of sensational events with you all.

Warm regards,

Rox Event Staff Agency’s head office.


We’re all on the same boat!

There is no escape from this situation, we are all in this together, and the Rox Event Staff Agency is no different. We will keep our clients in the loop with any changes. In the following weeks, we will share additional information to help Event Professionals and Meeting Professional get through these challenging times, to come out of it more resilient and more durable than before.

What measures did you take with your staff and employees?

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