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The 5 Best Event Blogs We Enjoy Reading and Why

The 5 Best Event Blogs in the Meeting Industry for Event Professionals and Why We Like Them


We read lots of blogs ourselves, and we thought of sharing our enthusiasm for the best event blogs out there so that you can find the best information and be the best event professional you can be and have smashing events.

Here you can find our top 5 event blogs and the reasons why we like them. Let us know what you think!


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1. Event Manager Blog


The leader in event technology trends, this is an excellent resource for seasoned event planners. There are resources for wedding planning, event management and party planning, but this blog specialises in innovation, and many event planners refer to it. They also focus a lot on the event industry’s news.


Here you can find all kinds of resources for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, conventions, weddings, parties and more. This blog specialises in innovation and EventProfs love it.


The editor Julius Solaris from Italy started it in 2007. He has now based in Las Vegas, and the website is part of Skift. Successful Meetings Magazine has named Julius one of the 25 most influential individuals in the Meeting Industry in 2015.


This blog is an absolute leader in event technology trends, ideal for all kinds of event planners. They have plenty of free resources for event planning, and they regularly host virtual events.


2. Endless Events 

event blog, meeting, event professional, event industry, event planner

For event planners and meeting professionals, Endless Events is an excellent source of information about the event industry and event production. The Endless blog is one of our favourites as they commit to excellent customer service and make the event planning and production process as easy as possible.


They specialise in AV, event technology and production, sharing top tips to run events smoothly and worry-free. That’s why we think their blog is an excellent source of information. They are based in the US and work around all North American countries.


They even have an affiliate program to collaborate with them, which we think it’s pretty cool.


Their main hashtag is #EventIcons, and they even created free open groups to network with on Slack. Here, you can do some virtual networking with other Event Professionals and ask advice, make announcements, and a chatbot will regularly assign you to a random meeting professional to network. We love the idea!


3. Social Tables Event Blog

event blog, meeting, event professional, event industry, event planner

The Social Tables is an event sales software and meeting planning platform and one of the most significant communities of event professionals online. They have a wide selection of blog content that can be useful for all kinds of events.

They focus a lot on hospitality and corporate events. Their goal is to share knowledge of professionals rather than updating them with the industry’s news.

This blog is ideal for both professionals and beginners in the events and hospitality industry.


4. MeetingsNet

event blog, meeting, event professional, event industry, event planner

Not as popular as those just mentioned, we believe it’s worth talking about MeetingsNet. They regularly share Virtual Meetings information, surveys, and the latest technology for events.


In addition to that, they keep their readers up to date with the latest news and top tips for social distancing planning and health and safety, which is something we will all surely face when going back to in-person events.


They have regular Webinars and on-demand videos, where you can earn CMP certified credits.


5. Leanne Calderwood

event blog, meeting, event professional, event industry, event planner

Leanne is a Canadian EventProf, specialised in the meeting and hospitality industry. She is very friendly, in fact, in addition to many youtube vlogs and her website’s free resources and blog posts, you can connect with her on Linkedin and discuss the latest trends in the industry.


With her blog and vlog, she facilitates meeting professionals to network and as she says “moving from meeting supplier to meeting partner”.


Here you will find many creative ideas for event planners during these uncertain times. She puts a lot of her personality in everything she does, sharing her own experience in the industry.


She created her hashtag #Hotelprofs, taking inspiration from #EventProfs.


See also: the best 54 hashtags in the event industry.


Leanne works a lot on Linkedin and continuously shares the best tips and ‘bon-ton’ rules to follow when connecting online with other event professionals.




Rox Event Staff’s blog is brand new, and our goal is to provide you with the best tops tips when attending and exhibiting at events and the latest industry news.

We read and admire all the above blogs mentioned, which inspire us to blog and vlog the latest information about the event industry. We love events and can’t wait to be back to them.

Is there any event blog we didn’t mention above that you enjoy reading? Let us know in the comments below.

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