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Spain Reopen Events With Rising Cases: How Will That Work In 2021?

The current situation has affected about 80% of the world’s population. Each sector is being affected due to the intense concern and because of extended lockdown in most countries. Likewise, there has been a drastic change in social events as well.

In Spain, the most critical industries to launch its economy are also the main obstacle to its success in the Covid-19. Traditionally, tourism, accommodation, and events were the country’s primary income. Before the pandemic, tourism alone accounted for 12% of Spain’s GDP, with 15% of touristic activity connected with MICE.

Then it does not seem surprising that the Spanish event industry B2B is leading the race to restart individual events. The HIP Expo, the first major face-to-face exhibition held this year in Europe, was held at Madrid’s IFEMA Congress Center, a venue for the first wave of the pandemic that once acted as an improvement hospital.

Is Spain coming in a complete circle? If any hint is given in the plans for Mobile World congress 2021, the response seems to be yes. MWC 2020 was one of the first major B2B events to be cancelled last year, and its 2021 edition will be one of the world’s first foreign trade shows since the pandemic started.

It is not unnoticed that Spain may be on the brink of a fourth wave, despite all these optimistic factors. Increased cases could be a problem in Spain’s B2B sector even if the local authorities can avoid another lock-down.

In this post, I will shed some light on the devastating nature of this pandemic and have some practical strategies for making the most of it; even if it would be banned to organise events physically, you can still manage your events.

Let’s find out how!


Web Conferences and Virtual Events

While many believe that the COVID-19 has caused and will cause further damage, some see the bright side even in such a dire situation.

When it comes to the World Wide Web phenomena, we can see that the COVID-19 has provided us with many valuable aspects. We have seen a shift in working perspectives and the noble essence of what might have been a global problem that now the Earth is breathing, and we see the undo of climate change.

Even during the pandemic, we interacted thanks to the World Wide Web.

We can successfully initiate, control, and complete several conferences and events, webinars, and meetings that cannot be held physically now. As a result of the World Wide Web, and even now, schools, colleges, and universities have turned to the phenomenon of online classes and recruited the best students and teachers.

Even while attending physical conferences, lectures, workshops, and several other areas that might require the metalinguistic approach to be worked on, many have failed. They have never attempted to make it a plus point.

As a result, the web conferencing phenomenon has added multilingual benefits to its working stature, emphasising that people from all over the world matter to us. Since the pandemic is global, we must work together to never abide by the pandemic’s laws and regulations.

The multilingual approach has given us the advantage of advocating for other ideas, creating new ones, and instantiating the pandemic issues remaining together, solid, and smart. At the same time, we work against it and become one.

So, this was the case if physical events are banned and only virtual events are allowed in Spain.

What if Spain to planning to allow physical events as well with rising Covid cases? Let’s find out more about it!


If Spain is allowing events, are there any precautions to follow?

COVID-19 control mechanisms are in force across the country, including a nighttime curfew between 11 pm and 6 am. The curfew’s start and end times differ by one hour in some regions.

Regional governments in Spain have implemented a variety of policies aimed at containing the spread of COVID19. These steps include travel restrictions within and between areas, as well as restaurant and bar closures.

Non-compliance with these measures can result in substantial fines.

Still carry a personal identification card always when going to an event. Police officers have the authority to arrest you before they can verify your identification.

Dual nationality is not recognised in Spain. Travel with your passport at all times.


How many people are allowed per event?

While bars and restaurants are still open across most of Spain, Spain has prohibited four people during Holy Week to visit various regions and restricted social activities to prevent the reappearance of Easter celebrations.


How can we help you in this situation?

With COVID-19, the behaviour of customers and businesses already tends to improve. Tech and non-tech businesses alike are allowed to work remotely; supply chains are being disrupted. But there’s no need to worry about anything if you are trying to manage an event for your office, a birthday party, a promotional event, etc.

We are always here to assist, whether it is an outdoor event or even a virtual one. Rox Event Staff is there for you to arrange such events for you even in this global pandemic. Rox Event Staff is the only London event organising company that takes all of your responsibility.

We have over 2,000 dynamically qualified COVID-19 event workers around the UK on our rising roster. We work for all countries. We also committed to managing accounts, event marketers, workplace audits, and training and qualifications assessments for all employees and cared for payrolls.

Contact us to inform us of your needs. We will be there to fulfil your event requirements.

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